Website Development, Graphic Design

Project Details

Type: Website Development, Graphic DesignCategory: Business, EntertainmentLaunched: May 2011 & August 2013Features: Fully Integrated Social Media, Logo/Branding Design, SEO, Sectioned Areas For Reviews, Advertising Optimization, Miscellaneous Graphic Design Elements and Coloringwww.darkmedia.com

Project Description

DarkMediaLogoOriginally launched in 2011, DarkMedia has evolved into a formidable presence in the entertainment, literature, and music industries.

With official press access to world-famous events like the San Diego Comic-Con, as well as advance screenings of films and television shows, DarkMedia is on the cutting edge of the darker side of entertainment.

As an in-house project, our team developed a brand new site upgrade for DarkMedia, boosting SEO, and streamlining the articles, reviews, recaps and interviews.